Arno's dispatches on globalization, culture, and environment have ranged across Africa, Asia, North and South America, appearing in The Walrus, Foreign Policy, Reader's Digest, The Globe and Mail, and many other publications. Here are a few of his favourites:

"Game Changer" (Alberta Views) - May, 2014
The Beaver Lake Cree Nation is taking the governments of Canada and Alberta to court over unchecked industrial development in the oil sands. What if they win?

"The Age of Extreme Oil" (Globe and Mail) - May, 2012
When a delegation of Achuar Indians from Peru's Amazon visits Alberta's tar sands, their encounters with First Nations and oil executives illuminate the quirks of 21st-century oil exploration.

"Why Canada is Starting to Feel like Peru" (The Tyee) - January, 2012
An essay on the parallels between the Canadian government's approach to handling dissent, and that of Peru's under former president Alan Garcia.

"Mountain Due" (The Walrus) - October, 2011
Is ski porn ready for climate change? All I Can, the second feature-length ski film by the Rocky Mountain Sherpas, tries to make a self-obsessed subculture imagine a world without snow.

"The Money Tree" (The Walrus) - September, 2011
 A profile of Dirk Brinkman, Canada's wealthiest treeplanter and a leading international proponent of using forests to mitigate climate change.

"The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay" (The Walrus) - May, 2011
The city of Medellín, Colombia, hosts one of the world's largest populations of internally displaced citizens. How will the country's recent slew of free trade agreements affect their fortunes?

"A Proxy War in Peru" (Foreign Policy) - May, 2010
Following left-wing politicians and their foreign supporters - real and imagined - on the campaign trail in Peru's upper Amazon.

"Excess Denied" (Kootenay Mountain Culture) - January, 2010
A dissident Buddhist monk guides the way to Burma's Irrawaddy Delta in the wake of Cyclone Nargis, which killed over 200,000 people in 2008.

"Crackdown" (The Walrus) - November, 2009
On the streets of Ciudad Juarez along the US-Mexico border, is anybody winning the war on drugs?

"Kenya on the Brink" (The Walrus) - January, 2008
A photo essay from Kenya's brush with civil war in the wake of a rigged presidential election.

"Water to Burn" (The Walrus) - January, 2006
Two years before the global financial crisis claimed Iceland as its first victim, the country was pioneering hydrogen technology in the hopes of becoming the first oil-free nation on earth.